MOCC President's Message

President’s Message for March 2020

Happy Belated St. Patrick’s Day and Mardi Gras!

Those were happier times than what we are currently enduring. Today’s theme is Safety First, as it always should be. Personally, I have to report that I am suffering from “lack-of-Corvette-itus” and although it hasn’t hit the news like the coronavirus / pandemic, “lack-of-Corvette-itus” is going to subside as soon as the weather improves.

To briefly outline how covid-19 is affecting our club, we will be cancelling our April meeting. Many other activities that have been deemed non-essential are cancelled and to be prudent, we will forego our April meeting. It’s too early to cancel the May meeting due to uncertain conditions, however we may not be meeting again soon. If there are questions, comments or concerns, please contact me about cancelling the April meeting.

Along these lines, I will have an email going out to our club members asking if there are any objections to donating to the Christian Children’s Home of Ohio in their time of need. We have monies earmarked for them in our treasury and it would be a good time to make the donation when they need it, rather than wait until August. The email will outline details of grant money that they will receive in addition to our donation. If you would like to make additional donations to CCHO, I would encourage you to do so. Again, an email will be going out shortly with more details of CCHO’s request for donations.

As far as other activities in the near future, the Low Speeds in April have already been canceled. We will need to check as we get closer to other scheduled events to find out if they will be held. If there are questions about other regional events, contact Cheryl (Governor), Terry (Region Executive) or myself.

In spite of all the current cancellations, we are not sitting still. We are continuing planning for the rest of 2020 and beyond. Here’s a partial list of upcoming activities:

  • 2020 Convention – Registration opened 2/1, Convention is 7/6 - 10
  • MOCC Rallye and car show 6/6/2020 to Lehman’s Hardware
  • CCHO is 8/8/2020
  • Track X 4, 9/30 – 10/1, 2 Track Days and Factory Tours
  • Christmas Party in December
  • EOR NCCC Convention – 2021

Flyers for these and additional Region and National events are appearing, when available, on NCCC and EOR websites.

With these and other activities not scheduled yet, please try to assist with those you are interested in. With your help, we will have a very positive 2020 and beyond.

Please note, our next club meeting for April has been cancelled.

Safety First!


Dan Gallagher