MOCC President's Message

President’s Message for October 2021

Happy Halloween!

It has been 18 months since the last “Message from the President,” was posted to this site. Of course, much has happened since then, more than can be covered in the space that this message generally allows. I will, however, do my best to bring all up to date. The last message was posted on the eve of a time in our history that I believe may have been unprecedented. Within a couple of months after that message, we saw our entire season of Corvette activities vanish before our eyes while the country and the world moved toward a shutdown of most all normal activities. Our lives, regardless of our traditions, beliefs, conventions, hopes, and indeed our personal spirits, were changed forever. Whether we like it or not, and whether we believe it or not, we look at things – life, people, events, activities, even business – differently now. But one thing that I do not believe has changed, at least not yet, is a deep seated desire to enjoy each other in the framework of a club and group of like-minded people that is essentially held together by a joint enthusiasm for what some would call an inanimate object. We of course don’t look at Corvettes that way. We look at them as something that animates us! A machine that takes us to a place that very few things on earth can do. That is why we are all here.

With that said, the year 2020 did not have a competition season. Although there were events in which we could participate, none of these events were sanctioned, resulting in a very limited awards banquet the following year. As a club, we still managed to have our premier event of the year, the Christian Children’s Home of Ohio Benefit (dare I say Car Show?). Although unsanctioned, it was once again a well-attended success that raised $14,000.00 for CCHO. Also of note in 2020, our club was instrumental in preparing for the National Convention to be held in Cleveland for the 2021 season. Our President at the time, Dan Gallagher became one of the event Chairmen. Many of our members were selected to assist with that event. As preparation for the convention, we established a relationship with the Nelson Ledges Race Course. Many of us went to Nelson in mid to late October of 2020 to become familiar with the track and scope it out for the high speed event to be held during convention. I was fortunate enough to be one of the participants at those events. As the year drew to a close, we gathered for our traditional Christmas Party, which was held at the Galaxy Restaurant in Wadsworth, all looking forward to a new and better year, and hopefully a return to normalcy.

The new year brought at least hopes of a return to normalcy, with competition events being reinstated. Our club sponsored high speed events in April at the previously mentioned venue, Nelson Ledges Race Course in Garrettsville, OH. For those who were interested (including myself), there were two days of open track enjoyment in which we utilized transponders to time track runs in a point-to-pass format. All in all, a great event with many participants and lots of exciting track time. In May, our club sponsored a three day, low-speed autocross event at Painesville Raceway – another excellent and exciting event that provided an opportunity for the those so inclined to participate in safe but exhilarating competition. Once again, I was happy to be in attendance (for at least two of the three days) at this event. As the year has progressed, we all participated in a number of car shows to support our fellow clubs. This included shows sponsored by Corvette Cleveland, Buckeye Corvettes, Corvette Canton, Mahoning Valley Corvettes, Lake Shore Corvette Club, Competition Corvettes, Tiretown Corvettes and others.

Possibly the biggest event we all got to enjoy for Corvette season 2021 was the National Convention for NCCC being held in Cleveland this year. The Embassy Suites in Rockside / Cleveland was the host convention center for our event. The event included all of the recognized competitions including high-speed auto cross at Nelson Ledges, low-speed auto cross at Dragway 42 in West Salem, drag races at Dragway 42 in West Salem, a concours car show, peoples car show, and the ever popular but incredibly difficult to comprehend rallye, which was followed by a fun day at the gaming / go-cart track in Medina where the convention funkana event took place. With numerous social events, an evening dinner cruise and great banquets, the convention could only be looked upon as a great success put together by a hard working team. I believe we all look forward to next year’s convention in Atlantic City.

After convention, our efforts focused on preparing for and executing another successful Christian Children’s Home of Ohio Benefit Car Show. As a club, we put together teams for Fairground activities including, parking, continental breakfast, registration, and country drive, as well as teams for food/cooking to be provided at the Children’s Home, parking at the Children’s Home, donations, including the Chinese Basket Auction, entertainment, including the DJ, Sneakers the Clown, Children’s Car Show Judging, Children’s Corvette rides, and the “burn-out” competition. Our former President won the burn-out competition hands-down!!! All in all, a great event that once again provided much needed resources to a great cause, the Christian Children’s Home of Ohio – Wooster.

As the year comes to a close, the sun is setting on a number of other wonderful events that are available to us as a club through our affiliation with the East Ohio Region of NCCC – another low-speed auto cross at Lorain Speedway (sponsored by Buckeye Corvettes and Canton Corvettes), Track X IV which is a regionally assembled event at the National Corvette Museum Road Course where interested drivers are able to drive their wonderful cars on a track that was designed specifically for them in a lead-follow format based on the performance capabilities of the driver and the car, and of course – the Chili Cook Off to be held on October 23rd at the Amish Door in Wilmot, OH. Finally, we look forward to this year’s Christmas Party, to be held at the Corkscrew Restaurant in Medina, OH.

As previously mentioned, there is not enough space in this column to cover all of the events that our great club enjoys in a years’ time, let alone two years! Hopefully, I have given all a taste of what it means to belong to a club in which we are dedicated to our charities, our events and most of all each other. I hope you will join us in the celebration of the greatest sports car in the world, the Chevrolet Corvette!

Holley Baker,